Cyclone Magnum
Rp. 150,000
Top-Force Evolution RS
Rp. 160,000
Vanson Smart Charger
Rp. 350,000
Setting Gauge (Red)
Rp. 185,000
Heat Edge Green Special
Rp. 190,000
Avante Yellow Special
Rp. 230,000
Astute RS Red Metallic
Rp. 185,000
Aero Avante Clear Pink Special
Rp. 225,000
Beat Magnum Black Special 2014
Rp. 180,000


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Super TZ Chassis (Purple)
These new Multi Roller Setting Stays are made of duralumin, which is approximately two times ..
Rp. 75,000
FM Reinforced Chassis - Red
Reinforced FM chassis parts: These are molded in a vibrant red color. ..
Rp. 80,000
Carbon Super FM Chassis Set
A recent trend among the Mini 4WD racing crowd in Japan is modifying a chassis to make the front ..
Rp. 90,000
Super TZ-X Reinforced Chassis Set (White Red)
This item includes two sets of Super TZ-X chassis parts molded with durable polycarbonate reinfor..
Rp. 100,000
Super X Carbon Reinforced Chassis (w Carbon Wheel Tire)
Description: It is a limited part of "Super X ยท XX carbon small diameter narrow wheels an..
Rp. 110,000
Reinforced N-04 T-04 Units (Red)
Specs & Features Compared with the T-01 unit, the new T-04 unit offers more setting p..
Rp. 120,000
VS Fluorescence Color Chassis Set (Orange Green) Limited
Limited edition set of VS chassis parts. Includes Fluorescent-colored (Orange and Green) VS chass..
Rp. 120,000
VS Fluorescence Color Chassis Set (Pink Yellow)
Limited edition set of VS chassis parts. Includes Fluorescent-colored (Pink and Yellow) VS chassi..
Rp. 120,000
Aero Hi-Mount Roller Set - Black
This is a limited edition version of the popular Racing Mini 4WD Aero Hi-Mount Roller Set (Item 1..
Rp. 0
AR Chassis (Red)
The aerodynamically-advanced AR chassis makes an appearance with parts such as the underpanel, di..
Rp. 0
AR Reinforced Chassis (White)
This is a reinforced version of the aerodynamically-advanced AR chassis used in the Mini 4WD REV ..
Rp. 0
Front Under Guard (Blue)
The front under guard serves as a brake and helps your Mini 4WD machine stay on track after jump ..
Rp. 0
Front Under Guard (Red)
This under guard helps your mini to stay on track after jump sections and also serves as a brake...
Rp. 0
HG Carbon Reinforced N-04 T-04 Units
Upgrade your Mini 4WD with these newly designed carbon reinforced nylon resin N-04/T- 04 units. ..
Rp. 0
JR Bumperless N03 T03 Units - wLED
Tamiya is proud to announce the very first arrival of LED lights to Mini 4WD on the Bumperless N-..
Rp. 0
JR Wide Roller Stay Set - Damped
Uses holes for 9mm, 13mm, and 19mm rollers. For added..
Rp. 0
Light Weight Hi-Mount Roller
Light Weight Hi-Mount Roller ..
Rp. 0
Lightweight Center Chassis Set
This smoke colored ABS resin Lightweight Center Chassis offers you great weight savings at the ra..
Rp. 0
MS Chassis Adapter & Body Catch Set
Use this body mount adapter to allow the Mini 4WD MS Chassis to use classic Mini 4WD bodies. Incl..
Rp. 0
MS Chassis Rear Double Roller Stays
Rp. 0
MS Color Chassis Set (Purple Green)
Specs and Features Set includes a purple and fluorescent green colored lightweight center..
Rp. 0
MS Color Chassis Set (Silver Pink)
Specs and Features Set includes silver and pink colored lightweight center chassis, N-02/..
Rp. 0
MS Rerinforce Rear Double Roller Stay
Tamiya 94635 1/32 Mini 4WD MS Chassis Reinforced Rear Double Roller Stay Usable with Mini 4WD..
Rp. 0
N-02 T-01 Reinforce Unit
These are reinforced versions of the same agile-looking N-02 nose unit that is used for the Manta..
Rp. 0
AR Chassis Side Mass Damper Set
Rp. 90,000
Atomic Tuned Motor
Rp. 55,000
Sprint Dash Motor
Rp. 65,000
FRP Reinforcing Plate Set
Rp. 35,000
Aluminum Spacer Set 5 Types
Rp. 40,000
Plasma Dash Motor
Rp. 125,000