Large V Spoke Narrow Wheels w Arched Tires
Rp. 60,000
Side Mass Damper Set MA Chassis
Rp. 0
Atomic Tune 2 Motor PRO
Rp. 60,000
Rev-Tuned 2 Motor PRO
Rp. 60,000
Torque-Tuned 2 Motor PRO
Rp. 60,000
Atomic Tune 2 Motor
Rp. 55,000
Rev-Tuned 2 Motor
Rp. 55,000
Torque-Tuned 2 Motor
Rp. 55,000
Low-Height Tire & Wheel Set (Y Spoke)
Rp. 55,000


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JR Bumperless N03 T03 Units
Can be assembled with a wide variety of separately available FRP plates. The bumperless..
Rp. 55,000
JR Bumperless N03 T03 Units - wLED
Tamiya is proud to announce the very first arrival of LED lights to Mini 4WD on the Bumperless N-..
Rp. 0
JR Wide Roller Stay Set - Damped
Uses holes for 9mm, 13mm, and 19mm rollers. For added..
Rp. 0
Light Weight Hi-Mount Roller
Light Weight Hi-Mount Roller ..
Rp. 0
Lightweight Center Chassis Set
This smoke colored ABS resin Lightweight Center Chassis offers you great weight savings at the ra..
Rp. 0
Low friction Front Under Guard (Black)
The front under guard serves as a brake and helps your 4WD machine stay on track after jump landi..
Rp. 0
MA Fluorescence Color Chassis Set (Green)
Give your MA Chassis Mini 4WD machine a bright and cheery make-over with these vivid fluorescent gre..
Rp. 0
Mini 4WD PRO Lightweight Center Chassis
This Mini 4WD PRO Center Chassis is now made using the much stronger ABS resin. Compared to the MSch..
Rp. 50,000
MS Chassis Adapter & Body Catch Set
Use this body mount adapter to allow the Mini 4WD MS Chassis to use classic Mini 4WD bodies. Incl..
Rp. 0
MS Chassis Rear Double Roller Stays
Rp. 0
MS Chassis Reinforced Gear Cover
Use these GP parts to replace kit-included gear cover (A-2) and battery stays (A-6) to reinforce ..
Rp. 65,000
MS Color Chassis Set (Purple Green)
Specs and Features Set includes a purple and fluorescent green colored lightweight center..
Rp. 0
MS Color Chassis Set (Silver Pink)
Specs and Features Set includes silver and pink colored lightweight center chassis, N-02/..
Rp. 0
MS Reinforced Chassis Set (White)
This white-colored MS Chassis parts set is more durable than the kit-standard component of a stan..
Rp. 0
MS Rerinforce Rear Double Roller Stay
Tamiya 94635 1/32 Mini 4WD MS Chassis Reinforced Rear Double Roller Stay Usable with Mini 4WD..
Rp. 0
N-02 T-01 Reinforce Unit
These are reinforced versions of the same agile-looking N-02 nose unit that is used for the Manta Ra..
Rp. 0
Quick Body Catch Set
This Quick Body Catch Set is to be used in place of the kit supplied rear body catch. It will mak..
Rp. 0
RC Mini 4WD Mechanical Brake
This item is a set of optional parts for R/C or Mini 4WD car models. Mechanical brake for you..
Rp. 35,000
Rear Brake Set (For AR Chassis)
★It is brakes set for the AR chasses which are indispensable at a competition. ★The sponge for brak..
Rp. 55,000
Rear Break & Roller Set
15113 Rear Break & Roller Set ..
Rp. 0
Rear Double Roller  FRP Plate & Reinforced Stay Set
This is a re-release of the Rear Double Roller/FRP Plate & Reinforced Stay Set back by popular d..
Rp. 0
Rear Sliding Damper & Brake
Tamiya Rear Sliding Damper & Brake Set #15198 New in original Tamiya package. Usabl..
Rp. 0
Rear Wide Slide Damper (Blue)
This is a limited edition wide rear sliding damper that comes in blue color. It is the same as it..
Rp. 65,000
Reinforce VS Chassis (Yellow)
This is a reinforced VS chassis (limited edition). The colored chassis parts are made from reinfo..
Rp. 0
FRP Reinforcing Plate Set
Rp. 35,000
Atomic Tuned Motor
Rp. 55,000
AR Chassis Side Mass Damper Set
Rp. 0
Sprint Dash Motor
Rp. 65,000
Aluminum Spacer Set 5 Types
Rp. 40,000
Plasma Dash Motor
Rp. 125,000